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Day 01, 28 Oct: JAKARTA - LONDON
We depart to London from Jakarta's International airport 'Soekarno-Hatta'

Day 02, 29 Oct: LONDON
Arrive in LONDON at morning time, then proceed directly to the Hotel. Today's Tour will be started at Noon time, sightseeing London's most popular attraction such as Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St.Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Horse Guards, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. End the day with a dinner at London's Chinatown.
(Meals: Dinner) Hotel : Ibis / similiar.

Day 03, 30 Oct: LONDON
In the morning, after breakfast at the Hotel, visit the STAMFORD BRIDGE, home-based of CHELSEA FC for 'Stadium and MuseumTour'. You can sense the atmosphere as you walk into the home dressing room and see the shirts of some of the biggest names in world football hanging on the wall. Then walk up the player's tunnel to the noise of a full stadium. We pride ourselves on having guides who are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the club and we believe it's their passion that makes all tours a truly memorable experience.

The tour lasts approximately one hour and includes:
- The Chelsea FC Home Dressing Room
- The Visitor Dressing Room
- The Press Room
- Pitch-side and Managers Dugout
- Television Interview Rooms
- Walk through the Players Tunnel

In the afternoon, the tour continues to' EMIRATES STADIUM', home-based of ARSENAL FC to personally watch 'LIVE MATCH' - London Derby’s game between ARSENAL vs WEST HAM UNITED.

End the day with a night-out at West End area (The London’s entertain area) to enjoying the Saturday’s night at the one of 'Happening' city in the world.
(Meals: Breakfast / Dinner) Hotel : Ibis / Similiar

Following the breakfast at the Hotel, getting ready to leave the 'Capital City' continue to LIVERPOOL, England's historical harbour-city. The birthplace of famous figure such as the legendary the BEATLES, in where a trip to the 'BEATLES MUSEUM' is on the tour itinerary.

Moreover, a visit to The ANFIELD STADIUM tour will be available in the afternoon. Into Anfield's celebrated past and Liverpool FC's bright future, taking in never seen before areas of the stadium.Take a look at the view from the best seats in the stadium. Enjoy an interactive experience in the Anfield Press Room. Follow in the footsteps of Legends like Shankly, Paisley & Dalglish in a stadium steeped in glory. Sit in the same dressing room as modern day icons, Gerrard, Torres & Carragher. To the backdrop of spine tingling sound effects, walk down the tunnel, touch the world famous "THIS IS ANFIELD" Sign and emerge to the roar of the Anfield faithful. Treat yourself to an unforgettable trip. End the day by stay at the Hotel in this fabulous city.
MEALS: (Breakfast / Dinner) Hotel : Ibis / Similiar

On this fifth day of the Tour, after an early breakfast, followed by a full-day trip to the city of MANCHESTER, with a stop at the 'OLD TRAFFORD', home-based of MANCHESTER UNITED FC. A close and personal 'Stadium Tour', you can see the stadium through the eyes of Manchester United greats themselves.

From the dizzy heights of the North Stand, to Sir Alex Ferguson’s pitch-side dugout spot, and the atmosphere soaked players’ dressing room, every experience will seem to carry the roar of 76,000 fans in your ears - none more so than the ultimate honour of emerging from the tunnel and following so many famous boots into the 'Theatre of Dreams'.

MEALS: (Breakfast / Dinner) Hotel : Ibis / Similiar

The final day, after breakfast at the Hotel, proceed to 'London Heathrow', getting ready to return home to Jakarta.
MEALS: (Breakfast / Lunch) Hotel : Ibis / Similiar

Day 07, 03 Nov: Jakarta
Arrive at Jakarta's International Airport at Soekarno –hatta.

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English Premier League Football Tour 2010

Hari 01, 28 Oct: JAKARTA - LONDON

Berkumpul di Bandara International Soekarno-Hatta untuk memulai perjalanan Anda menuju London, Inggris

Hari 02, 29 Oct: LONDON

Tiba di ibukota Inggris Raya, LONDON, pada pagi hari, kita langsung menuju Hotel. Tour akan dimulai mengelilingi keindahan kota London dengan melihat ‘Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, dan tour hari ini akan diakhiri dengan bersantap malam di ‘China Town London’ yang terkenal keunikannya.
(Makan Malam) Hotel : Ibis / Setaraf

Hari 03, 30 Oct: LONDON

Pada pagi hari setelah sarapan di hotel, kita langsung menuju ke STAMFORD BRIDGE, markas dari CHELSEA FC untuk melihat ‘ Stadium Tour’, dimana dapat masuk kedalam Stadium melihat lapangan yang digunakan pada setiap pertandingan ‘Home’, tempat duduk pemain, kamar ganti pemain, dan lainnya.

Acara dilanjutkan menuju ke ‘EMIRATES STADIUM’, untuk menyaksikan pertandingan langsung antara ARSENAL vs WEST HAM United. Setelah pertandingan kita menuju kawasan West End, yang merupakan pusat hiburan kota London untuk menikmati malam minggu di kota metropolitan terbesar di dunia ini.
(Makan Pagi/Makan Malam) Hotel : Ibis / Setaraf

Hari 04,31 Oct: LONDON - LIVERPOOL

Setelah sarapan di hotel, kita menuju salah satu kota pelabuhan pelabuhan terbesar di Inggris, LIVERPOOL, dimana tempat perakitan Kapal legendaris ‘Titanic’ dibuat. Tour di kota ini akan dimulai mengunjungi ‘ANFIELD STADIUM, d engan melakukan Stadium Tour.

Setelah itu kita menuju ALBERT DOCK, tempat dimana terletak ‘THE BEATLES MUSEUM ‘, tempat disimpannya bukti sejarah kesuksesan dari legenda musik pop terbesar. Kita akan mengakhiri kegiatan tour dengan bermalam di kota ini, yang merupakan salah satu kota terindah di daratan Inggris Raya.
(Makan Pagi/Makan Malam) Hotel : Ibis / Setaraf


Pada hari kelima ini, kita mengunjungi kota MANCHESTER, dan sesampainya langsung menuju ke ‘OLD TRAFFORD’ untuk melakukan ‘Stadium dan Museum Tour’, yang menjadi kebanggaan klub MANCHESTER UNITED dengan berbagai macam sejarah dan koleksi gelar juara mereka, dari kejuaraan liga Inggris,liga Champion, dan penghargaan lainnya.
(Makan Pagi/Makan Malam) Hotel : Ibis / Setaraf


Setelah sarapan pagi, berangkat meninggalkan LIVERPOOL menuju LONDON HEATHROW, untuk kembali ke tanah air.
(makan : Pagi/Siang) Hotel : Ibis / Setaraf

Hari 07, 03 Oct: JAKARTA

Tiba di bandara International Soekarno – hatta, Jakarta

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